Salmon Fishing in Scotland

The Atlantic Salmon is one of the world’s most prized fighting fish; the combination of its power, speed and weight on suitable tackle can provide one of angling’s most exhilarating experiences.

Scotland provides many forms of salmon angling opportunities, from small spate burns to large fast-flowing rivers with the opportunity to bait fish, spin or fly fish (care should be taken to check with rules and regulations on each river beat).

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

Some estates also provide the opportunity to fish for salmon on inland lochs. Although the perception is that salmon angling is an expensive business, permits are available to suit all pockets.

For river levels and further information about Scottish rivers please click here.

Season Dates

Salmon and sea trout fishing is available from 11th Jan – 30th Nov in Scotland depending on the individual river.

Providers and Agents offering this sport

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